Ellipsis AM Monthly Review


The Allnews.ch website echoes Nicolas Blanc's comments in the Monthly Review.

Important points to note:

  • The economic activity data  surprised on the upside.
  • The  inflation data confirmed that price pressures persist.
  • Several  reversals in the perception of the risk of a hard landing.

"The data released in February showed a global economy far from entering recession - which was still feared at the end of last year - and a relative disappointment on the inflation front."

Extract : "Despite concerns about recent data, we remain convinced that monetary rebalancing can take place without a sharp decline in activity. In contrast to previous benchmark periods of late expansion, private balance sheets do not require significant adjustments today (i.e. there has been no visible excess investment) and the financial sector does not show worrying fragilities, as evidenced by the strong performance of bank stocks. "

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