Ellipsis European Convertible Fund, benchmark fund in its category Convertibles Europe

In its special "Benchmark Funds" edition released in November 2022, Funds Magazine focuses on the convertible bond asset class.

"With equity sensitivity around 40% in the global universe, compared to 60% in early 2021, a significant proportion of convertible bonds are in an optimal zone to benefit from their convexity, which means their ability to participate more in the rise of equities than in their fall. In a global macroeconomic environment marked by uncertainty, the combination of better convexity and bond-like characteristics means that convertibles currently offer a very attractive risk/return profile".

In its selection, Funds Magazine cites Ellipsis European Convertible Fund, best fund in its category over 1, 5 and 10 years (source: Quantalys), which offers exposure to the entire pool of European convertible bonds, regardless of their profile, while taking into account ESG exclusion and integration criteria. 

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The editors also mention the launch of Ellipsis Disruption Convertible Fund, which invests in international convertible bonds whose issuers are identified as being exposed to a disruptive theme.