Ellipsis AM is launching Ellipsis Disruption Convertible Fund

Ellipsis AM is launching a new innovative and thematic convertible fund focusing on disruptive companies.

  • Ellipsis Disruption Convertible Fund offers active directional management of international convertible bonds, targeting securities that the management team has identified as being exposed to a disruption theme. The portfolio therefore focuses on companies issuing convertible bonds that participate in a structural change in practices, particularly economic, social or environmental. 
  • This new fund therefore catalyses a thematic bias within the convertible asset class, with a higher risk/return objective than a more traditional convertible fund over a recommended investment period of 5 years. It is classified as an Article 8 SFDR.
  • The launch is scheduled for 5 July 2022 and the fund will be open for subscription for all investor profiles in France. It will soon be registered in Switzerland and Italy, the main countries where Ellipsis AM's offer is marketed.
  • Preferential launch conditions are planned for Y units reserved for institutional seeders and for S and J units, with reduced management fees and minimum subscription amounts.

For more information, investors can consult the regulatory documentation (including the prospectus and in particular the risk profile) and commercial documentation available on the  fund webpage.

SFDR: European Regulation (EU) No 2019/2088 known as Sustainable Finance Disclosure.