Communication to Ellipsis Master Top ECI Fund unitholders

Launched in 2003, ELLIPSIS MASTER TOP ECI FUND is a passive index fund on the European convertible universe which aims to replicate the performance of the Top ECI 25* index, one of the indices in the ECI range (Exane Convertibles Indices).

Exane BNP Paribas announced at the end of August 2022 that the ECI indices will no longer be calculated as of 29 December 2022.

Following this announcement, we have taken the decision to submit to the AMF for approval the proposed merger of this fund with the ELLIPSIS EUROPEAN CONVERTIBLE FUND. We will come back to you on the terms and details of the operation.

ELLIPSIS EUROPEAN CONVERTIBLE FUND is our flagship fund that embodies our best convictions on European convertibles, managed by Sébastien Caron and Nicolas Schrameck:

Your commercial contacts and the Ellipsis AM convertible management team are at your disposal to answer your questions about our range of funds and the interest of the convertible asset class in the current context, in order to best assist you in your investment allocations.

The full communication to unitholders is available on request.

* Information (prices, composition, calculation methodology...) on the ECI range of indices of Exane Derivatives,
the official administrator registered on the ESMA benchmark register, is available on the website: