Annual update of Ellipsis Optimal Allocation-Credit regulatory documentation

The annual review of Ellipsis Optimal Allocation-Credit regulatory documentation took place on 18 February 2022.

The KIID include the fund's 2021 performance and the ongoing charges taken by the UCIs over a year, in respect of the past financial year. Regulatory evolutions and a number of changes have been incorporated into the KIID and the prospectus, including in particular:

  • Clarification of the paragraph relating to the integration of ESG criteria within the investment strategy: 25% of the fund's AUM will be invested in "article 8" SFDR financial products.
  • Expansion of the scope of the use of derivatives and securities incorporating derivatives for exposure purposes.
  • Clarification that the fund may invest in other UCIs in order to manage its currency, interest rate, credit or equity sensitivities.
  • Addition of examples to illustrate the methodology used to calculate performance fees.

For more information, see the letter to holders opposite and the new regulatory documentation available in the web sheet.