On Tuesday June 21, the Swiss website AllNews published an article reporting on the analysis of Nicolas SCHRAMECK, Co-Head of Convertibles & Credit and member of the Management Board at Ellipsis AM, on the subject of artificial intelligence.

AI has characteristics that Nicolas Schrameck greatly appreciates, and which are among the investment opportunities within the universe of global disruptive convertibles.



"The more artificial intelligence is mentioned in the media, the more its share price rises. The role of media buzz can be seen in every stock market wave. Robert Shiller, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics, was the first to discuss the influence of narrative in economics, and in finance, in a research paper (Narrative Economics). "

"The outlook remains very promising, for example through the replacement of existing servers as well as incremental demand in countless industries, from finance to telecoms and healthcare. Nvidia is well on the way to achieving a hegemony reminiscent of that of IBM in computers, Microsoft in personal computers and Apple in smartphones."

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