Ellipsis AM


ELLIPSIS AM, gérant spécialiste

Our targeted management of added value assets: convertibles funds, credit funds (speculative high yield bonds and short term credit) and exclusive funds (overlay, dividend, long-short multi-stratégies).

4 complementary management divisions

  • - Convertible management, our historical expertise for 15 years now.
  • - Credit management, with an expertise specialized on the spread and short term credit.
  • - An expertise in allocation, resulting from a top-down approach, with specialized and diversifying funds, especially on european dividends.
  • - An expertise in volatility management, derivatives instruments and overlay expertise.

Thanks to our open and dedicated funds, you will benefit from Ellipsis AM's specialised management and allocation expertise and thereby access a targeted investment offer.

15 years of management
within Exane Group

2.1 billion euros
assets under management

with 9 fund managers

Ellipsis AM, 31/12/2018

Ellipsis AM, a recognised bond fund
manager in europe

Ellipsis AM, gérant obligataire

With 2.1 billion euros of assets under management (as of 31/12/2018), Ellipsis AM is part of the asset management division of Exane Group and is specialized in bond and diversified assets.

An historical foothold in convertible bonds, a european vocation

With a 15-year track record, Ellipsis AM is one of the Exane Group's asset management units. It is specialised in bond fund management, with longstanding expertise in convertible bonds. They benefit from the Exane Group convertible franchise, recognized for more than 28 years in terms of research and index platform.

Our main collective funds are registered in France, Switzerland and Italy. We can also provide dedicated funds and mandates which are tailored-made following our investment objectives and constraints. Our offer meets the requirements of various investor profiles: institutionals, collective management, wealth management, multi-management, family offices and CGPI. It is marketed both directly and through the intermediary of distributors in Europe, including our subsidiary in Switzerland since 2019.

Evolution of AUM
by asset class

Évolution des encours par classe d'actifs

Evolution of AUM
by client classification

Évolution des encours pas typologie de clientèle

Source: Ellipsis AM, 31/12/2018