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in our investors relations

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Flèche bleue Reportings



Fund Review


Flèche bleue Analyse des riques

Risks analysis

SCR for Solvency II

Flèche bleue Communication tactique

Tactical and responsive communication

First reaction of our fund managers to markets and portofolios

Flèche bleue Transparisation des inventaires

Inventories transparency

of our OPCVM for our clients

Flèche bleue Vues macro

Macro views

Market analysis and asset allocation: the Weekend Review on every Friday, and a quaterly market review

Flèche bleue Standardized fund data

Standardized fund data

EPT / EMT files and information exchange flow services for our European partners, based on MIFID2 and PRIIPs requirements

Flèche bleu foncé 70 meetings one-to-one

70 one-to-one meetings

Realized on average every year

Flèche bleu foncé Tables rondes

Lunch conferences

And meet frequently to analyse markets and answer your investment issues

Flèche grise Fonds dédiés et mandats de gestion

Dedicated funds and management mandate

According to your specifications (objectives and yield/risk constraints)

Web Access Client: Your exclusives services
Flèche orange Abonnements


NAV reporting weekend review

Flèche orange Outils web

Web Tools

Commercial documentation, graphs and performances, dedicated extranet